Mr Winter Jay

winter jay

Dear Friends, busy time of year and the birds ware busy eating all our suet, this blue jay was very close and i loved the background colors. so til Tomorrow MJ

Sparrows can be Pretty

detailed tree sparrow

Dear Friends, hanging out at the bird feeder has given me a chance to refine my bird photography skills with new lens and camera.  This is an American Tree Sparrow and in this closeup you can see his bicolored bill, black on the top and yellow on the bottom.  He also has the dark spot on his breast and a smidgeon of white wing bar.  enjoy the birdies, til Tomorrow MJ

Hanging out at the Bird Feeder

chickadee dee

Dear Friends, this image of a common bird, the chickadee, reminded me of why i shoot so many images to get just one good one.  This black-capped chickadee was up against a black background, but when the light hit the feathers on top of his head in just the right angle, the black of his head was lighter than the background and stood out, how do you like?, til Tomorrow MJ

Puttin on the Brakes


putting on the brakesDear Friends, these cranes are cruising into their roosting site with a sunset reflection as thee background, i like the pastel shades in the clouds and so chose to keep the image high key, before they land they have to slow and they do that by standing up in the air and dropping their feet down, they resemble little parachutes coming down, the right hand bird is still in glide mode, til Tomorrow MJ


My First Hawk Owl

first hawk owl

Dear Friends, this friendly Hawk Owl was perched over a nearby gravel pit and Jim slammed on the brakes and i slammed on the camera, this was the result.  The angle was very steep shooting out of the car window, but he was between the two high wires, guess it was my lucky day.   This was my first Hawk Owl and was only a couple of miles from my home, enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Snow Geese

Dear Friends, the images below are a natural history lesson.  The Snow goose on the left is the white morph and the right image shows a blue morph of the same specie of goose.  A few of these snow geese were mixed into a large flock of Canadian geese at the airport in Superior.  We sneaked across the grass to get close and i think we got close enough, til Tomorrow MJ
snow goose white morph

snow goose3

cranes and clouds

Dear Friends, with the coming storm clouds these cranes are migrating to a more hospitable locale, wish i was going along for the ride, i will miss them and they are all gone.  This is a two image composite of two images shot on the same evening and lit by the sunset.  Do you like?? til Tomorrow MJ

Dancing in the waves


Dear Friends, this immature seagull is dancing in the waves of Lake Superior.  I think he is a ring billed gull and he was hunting food in the waves.  so dance while you still can and celebrate the life you have been given til Tomorrow MJgull in wave

Thanksgiving Turkey

wild turkey

Dear Friends, Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that means housecleaning for me, yuch, but this bird is a wild turkey that lives in the city.  He is part of a bachelor bunch that hang out in white bear lake and cross the lawns of a senior living center where my mother resides.  His beard and spurs are very long and marks him as a senior bird.  I took this photo last summer from my moms patio. enjoy til Tomorrow MJ

Pink Sky

pink cranes

Dear Friends, these cranes are coming into their roosting site at sundown and the sky behind them is a reflection of a lovely sunset.  No better place to be than Crex Meadows for the crane migration gathering. til Tomorrow MJ

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