Sunrise Crane

crane flight1

Friends, this Sandhill Crane has recently landed in Crex Meadows in Northwestern Wisconsin.  About 12,000 birds will gather here before their migration southward.  In the early morning, starting at sunrise, they fly off their roost site and go out to the fields.  A test of my new lens while panning the birds shows the sharpness, a vast improvement over my old lens. til Tomorrow MJ

Sharp Tail portraits

two birds grouse

Friends, these male Sharptail Grouse are taking a break from their dancing in the spring.  They came very close to the blind and sometimes i even had to back the zoom off from 400 mm to 300 or even 100mm. What a day, started very foggy but with the sunrise came the color.  til Tomorrow MJ

Red-Headed Duck

red head 4 fall

Friends, fall is here in all her splendor and ducks are arriving daily.  This lone male red-headed duck was found north of us on Lake Superior.  Hope his friends are somewhere around cause he was hanging out with some mallard females. I think this image is an example of how light can change a good image into a better than average image, or dare i say great image.  The reflections of the fall foliage in the water helps to set off the duck colors, but what do you think? til Tomorrow MJ

Then There were Three in a Tree

three in a tree Friends, sorry for the alliteration, i couldn’t resist.  The cedar waxwings are migrating thru Duluth Mn on the shores of Lake Superior.  This dead birch tree made a handy lookout for these three, they didn’t stay for long, just long enough for me to photo.  The bird in the middle is an immature but still has the yellow tip on the tail. The little round red blob is a berry that the right bird dropped when he landed   til Tomorrow MJ

Tamron 150-600 mm- More Testing

1original sparrow

Friends, this is another test of Tamron 150-600 mm sharpness so those who are not interested can tune out now, this white-throated sparrow was on a bird feeder at Hawk Ridge, I was about ten feet away and the day was beautiful.  This would simulate conditions that i usually shoot little birdies, handheld and sitting on a rock.  No sharpening on this image just straight out of the camera, the bottom image is an extreme crop to show the head details2original details

This image is pretty sharp and the one below has some minimal sharpness added in photoshop, so til Tomorrow MJ

3detail sharpened

Mad Birdie

_MG_5288yellow rump

Friends, the expression on this yellow-rumped warbler appears as though he is mad.  I think it is the white eyebrows, but loved the feather details so excuse the extreme crop.  He was only a few feet away but he is a very small birdie.  A disclaimer, this was shot last spring with my old lens 100-400 mm Canon so I am comparing these results with the new telephoto 150-600 mm, I like the new lens better. til Tomorrow MJ

Tamron 150-600 mm Sharp

original eagle comparison eagleFriends, I have been distressed by those who claim that the new Tamron 150-600 mm lens produces a soft image, so i set about testing what i sensed is true about this lens.  The top image is the original image of an eagle sitting on her nest in the fall (now) after the immatures have left.  The bottom left image is a 23% crop of the original (77% of the pixels were cut) raw image shot with the 150-600 mm extended to full 600 mm and focused on the yellow eye.  The bottom right image is the same extreme crop with a software cleanup.  You can judge for yourself.  til Tomorrow MJ

Red-Headed Woodpecker

red headed2

Friends, this is a red-headed woodpecker from Necedah National Wildlife Refuge taken this summer.  This image is a little softer than i would like but also shows the reason why i wished to obtain a new telephoto lens. My new Tamron 150-600 mm is much sharper and will be a valuable tool til Tomorrow MJ

Bison Couple

bison pair

Friends, these bison are a male and female during the August breeding season.  He is roaring his disapproval of another bull who is daring to venture near his girl.  She could care less, and looks totally bored with all the hoopla, a typical male has been rolling in the mud and her hair is nice and tidy, til Tomorrow MJ


A Web

Friends, this tiny spider is trying to spin a web in a thistle plant, a prickly job at best.  Maybe he will catch a honeybee, til tomorrow MJ

orb weaver


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