Heron Snacking

blue heron fishing

Friends, this Great Blue Heron is having a fishy snack at the fishing hole.  Like eating popcorn, you can’t just eat one. I know he is backlit, but i like how the light lit up his beak.  til Tomorrow MJ

Preening Feathers

preening crane

Friends, after three days of cleaning up a hacker’s mess, i have finally returned to the land of computer sharing.  If you receive a notice from yahoo telling you to update your software, please know that it is a scam to steal your contacts and email.  Then they horse up your passwords and send out embarrassing messages saying you are in Istanbul and need cash.  I don’t even have a passport.  So back to Crex Meadows and this beautiful crane, cleaning her feathers. til Tomorrow MJ

A Tight V

cranes tight v

Friends, first , thanks for all the birthday wishes.  i had a great day.   Jim and I went to Crex for dawn and watched the cranes leave their roost site in the morning.  This image was taken the night before when the cranes were coasting into their roost site.  Three natural history facts are in this photo, cranes fly in a v formation, they coast before landing and they talk to the birds below to warn them of their landing.  so til Tomorrow MJ

Why Heron have Long Necks

sleepy blue heronFriends, this Blue Heron has a very long neck so he can bunch it up and rest his chin when he is resting.  The morning was very windy and his head feathers were standing up on end, i love the feather details.  I did not like the green detailed background so i tried to minimize its effect, did i succeed??, til Tomorrow MJ


cranes on the moonFriends, i had to be creative today and do some artwork on photos that i took on Thursday.  Cranes Flying and the moon rising were just too tempting to leave as is, so here is my rendition that depicts the crane spirits moving into winter across the harvest moon.  God gave me photoshop, so i sometimes use it to express my feelings. til Tomorrow MJ

Wing Beats

crane daytime flight

Friends, i know i do this same image every year and sometimes several times a year, but the takeoff and landing of cranes on their roost site is still a wonder to me.  The air from their wingbeats causes  a rush of joy as they pass over my head, sometimes so close you feel you could touch those feathers.  Crex Meadows this time of year is a paradise for photographers who love nature.  til Tomorrow MJ

Wet Day in the Badlands

summer of 2014

Friends, a wet summer in the North Dakota badlands leaves saturated colors and a dark sky.  A little different than we usually see in August out there.  til Tomorrow MJ

Juvenile Trumpeter Swan

early morning cygnet

Friends, Early in the morning we went to see the sunrise in Crex Meadows and watch the Sandhill Cranes lift off their roost site and fly off to the fields.  But this Trumpeter Swan family stole the show.  This cygnet has juvenile gray feathers with a striking pink bill and sorry about the adult in the background, serves as a nice contrast to show off the adult vs young coloring.  Next Spring they will all be white with black bills.  til Tomorrow MJ

The Last of Fall

fall 2014-2f11

Friends, the end of fall season and this scene has disappeared as we have snow on the ground this morning.  yuch, time to break out the overcoats and boots.  But i can enjoy this scene one more time.  the leaning trees are real and not an artifact of the wide angle lens, as you can see some straight trees in the background on the right side of the image, til Tomorrow MJ

Sunrise Crane

crane flight1

Friends, this Sandhill Crane has recently landed in Crex Meadows in Northwestern Wisconsin.  About 12,000 birds will gather here before their migration southward.  In the early morning, starting at sunrise, they fly off their roost site and go out to the fields.  A test of my new lens while panning the birds shows the sharpness, a vast improvement over my old lens. til Tomorrow MJ


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